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Persuasion LLC is a litigation support company with an array of services specializing in trial presentation and technology. We have over 15 years of trial experience from small one-day trials to large MDL and class action cases that last over several years. We are more than trial technicians; we are consultants for you and your litigation team. Your arguments are integrated cohesively and effectively to assist you in making a persuasive presentation.

During discovery, we assist you in determining your needs and advise you on the best way to proceed so your evidence is being prepared for trial properly. Our technicians manage all of your exhibits, depositions, video, and any other demonstrative evidence, which will be presented in court flawlessly, timely and in an effective manner.

We bring real world experience to your case.
Our talented team has worked in other industries such as graphic design, computer forensics, and television production. This allows us to prepare and design your evidence specifically for you and your case.

Scott Newnam

scott newnamScott Newnam started persuasion after years of working in the litigation and video industries. He grew tired of working for companies that wanted to do everything and not specialize in one thing. Persuasion specializes in trial technology, consulting, and presentations.

"We offer many other services, but only those for which we have the experts.

Scott's background before the legal industry rests solely in the video industry where he was a producer/director. With this intense video background, he has honed his skills in persuasion.

"For years I designed graphics for television shows and commercials to sway millions of people. Now I use my skills to design everything for the audience at hand - your jury, the judge, and/or mediator."

Knowing the exact makeup of your audience allows us to design a presentation that fits them. Scott has over 15 years in the litigation support industry, all of which were spent working on trials.


We have over a decade of litigation experience working in the courtroom aiding you and your team. Our skills focus on: PRE-TRIAL, TRIAL, EQUIPMENT and DIGITAL FORENSICS.

There is a fine line between having the newest piece of equipment and having something that is tried and true. It is our job to determine and supply the equipment that will work reliably for your purpose.

We have all of the equipment that you will need for your case. We will set up the equipment and walk you through it.

Persuasion has everything from projectors, flat panels, laptops, audio systems and document cameras (Elmo), and more....

We WILL fulfill your equipment needs.

Digital forensics is known as computer forensics, forensic computer science, or a host of other similar names.

Like all forensic science fields, it applies scientific principles, techniques, and knowledge to answer questions pertinent to the legal system.

The specific aim of the work varies with the type of case and the questions presented, but it almost always involves Acquisition, Preservation, and Analysis of data.

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