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Pre-Trial Services
Persuasion has years of experience assisting you in preparing for trials. We are experienced with everything from video depositions to custom graphics...                      more
Trial Services
With years of experience, we are more than just button pushers. We will let you know our thoughts, ideas, and questions every step of the way. We will assist you in persuading you...     more
Equipment Rental
It is our job to have the right equipment that will handle all your needs. We can provide everything from projectors, document cameras (Elmo), flat panels, laptops, audio....            more
Digital Forensics
Forensic services in matters related to information technology, computers, and any source of electronic & digital data. The acquisition, preservation, and analysis of various types of...          more

We are a litigation support company specializing in trial presentation and technology. Your arguments are integrated effectively to create a persuasive argument.

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Our Mission
Litigation requires EVERY contributing member of the team to place the trial before all else. Persuasion embraces this requirement regardless of the nature and timing of the request.
Our Capabilities
Our trial presentation skills present your case flawlessly, timely and effectively to impress both the court and your client. We have over a decade of courtroom experience aiding you and your team.

We bring real world experience to your case. Our team has worked in other industries such as graphic design, computer forensics, and television production. This allows us to prepare and design your evidence specifically for you and your case.
Our Solutions
In discovery we assess your needs and advise you on the best way to proceed so your evidence is properly prepared for trial. Our technicians manage all of your exhibits, depositions, video, and other demonstrative evidence that will be presented in court.
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